Do you or someone you care about suffer from Low Back Pain?

A recent study* of over 1300 people in the UK found that spinal manipulation was more effective in treating low back pain than exercise alone over 3 and 12 months. Spinal manipulation plus exercise was even more effective than either one on its own.

This is fantastic as it shows that by combining treatment styles we can actually achieve a far better result with people.  It also proves that spinal manipulation, which is the main treatment modality of Chiropractic is essential in treating low back pain in the modern world.

This study also shows that Chiropractic is in the position to be able to assist everyday people with their pain and provide long term solutions with regard to recovery times, affordability, and accessibility.

Your health is your greatest asset.  If you want to find out more about building your health and how spinal health plays a major role in overall wellbeing.. Keep reading..

(*United Kingdom back pain exercise and manipulation (UK BEAM) randomised trial: effectiveness of physical treatments for back pain in primary care. BMJ 2004;329:1377)