People are always asking what exactly is wellness?

We see it everywhere in marketing of supposed health related products and services, but what does it really mean?

Wellness is a term that has recently become popular for describing the opposite to ‘sickness’.  It describes a state of optimum health where you are performing at your best, continuing to grow and improve, and feeling a sense of vitality in every area of your life.

Your state of health can be thought of as a continuum. At one end you can be ‘sick’, a state where symptoms are often obvious. In the middle you can be ‘not sick’, a state where there are no obvious signs of illness or disease but you are prone to becoming ill or experiencing aches or pains. At the far end you are ‘well’ a state of vitality where you have greater energy, your immune system is highly responsive and you are performing at your optimum.

The point at which your health typically resides on this continuum often reflects the amount of energy and attention you put into it.  If you only look after your health when you become ill or experience aches or pains, and then just attend to the troublesome symptoms, you can expect to move between the ‘sick’ and ‘not sick’ regions of the spectrum.

If you put your focus and energy into promoting your wellbeing and enhancing your body’s natural functions, you can expect to reside at the ‘well’ end of the spectrum, living and enjoying life to the fullest.

When you are well you experience greater energy, better performance, increased clarity of thought, the ability to cope with stress better and greater flexibility in your body and mind.

8 Simple Steps to Greater Wellness

  1. Be aware of what you eat – Search for foods that give your body the nutrients it needs to function and, more importantly, to thrive.
  2. Drink lots of pure water – It keeps you hydrated and helps your body eliminate toxins
  3. Rest and rejuvenate – Your body needs time to heal and restore its energy
  4. Be active – Walk, stretch and exercise. Using your body helps keep it healthy and actually gives you more energy.
  5. Learn – Read, use the internet and ask experienced professionals about ways to enhance your health.
  6. Visit your Doctor of Chiropractic regularly – Having your spine and nervous system (which controls all of your body’s functions) working at their best helps to create a state of wellness.
  7. Have fun – Do things you enjoy and that stimulate your senses. Experience the amazing things our world has to offer.
  8. Assess your priorities – If health and wellness are of value to you then let your behaviour reflect it. Putting focus, attention and energy into your health is essential for your wellbeing.