As a chiropractor I see so many people with symptoms of a life long health problem which manifests as a back or neck problem.  Our society compartmentalizes everything for sake of reference but often we forget to remember the connectivity of things.

From your spinal nerves that connect muscle, bone, internal organs and posture to syncing your phone with your laptop with your tablet, connectivity is everywhere.  Nothing in our universe operates solely on its own.

In order to understand our world, our health, our happiness, we need to find out what exactly is important to each of us and either strengthen our resolve or change our priorities and then set appropriate goals.

Dr John Demartini has created an excellent automated online value determination worksheet.  Its totally free and you can check in on over time and reevaluate your progress.  I have done it and its incredibly eye opening when you are completely honest with yourself.

Click Here to explore with Dr Demartini’s Value Determination Process and discover more about who you really are, what your highest values are, and how exactly they can influence your ability to make and achieve productive goals which influence your success in life.